Rock Plows

Plows built to make your roads safer.

The Rock King rock plow will rule your roads—clearing rocks,
sand, and difficult debris.

  • Safer because your crews can stay in the cab and off the road.
  • Easy to get on and off the mount—just two pins and an electric plug.
  • Rugged, durable, long-lasting.
  • Reduces costs and time by eliminating the need for more expensive machinery to clear rock and debris.
  • Efficient, effective, safe, and strong.
  • Spring controlled or shear-pin style breakaway systems available.
  • Low profile moldboard design optimizes airflow to the vehicle's cooling system to prevent overheating and excessive engine wear.


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Safe but tough

The Rock King rock plow is specifically designed and built to do the work of heavier, more expensive machinery when cleaning rock, sand, and other debris from your roads. It is the new standard in safely clearing your roads of the debris that standard plows just can’t handle. Manufactured for durability, longevity, and strength, the Rock King rock plow easily pushes heavy rubble out of the way while your crew remains safely in the cab.

Built to last

The Rock King rock plow is manufactured with all laser-cut components for extremely accurate tolerances, and powder coated so that it can endure years of service. The 12 gauge steel moldboard comes in 8 and 9 foot widths and is supported with 10 gussets. It features a long-lasting carbide tipped cutting edge, that gives more weight, durability, and strength than the standard snow plow blade, making the Rock King rock plow the most rugged and robust plow on the market.

Easy on/off mounting

The Rock King rock plow is installed using the Meyer’s EZ-Mount system. The plow attaches and detaches from the vehicle in less than one minute by removing two electric plugs and two pull pins. This means that the plow is only on the truck when you need it, saving your equipment from unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, with the Rock King’s low profile keeping the plow on your truck at all times is simple and efficient.




Rockking Rock Plow Contact Information:

Brandon Neldner

BN Plow Sales and Service

(909) 491-1619


Every agency has their own needs so we offer several options when assembling your Rock King Rock Plow System, making sure that you get the perfect fit. Choices include: cutting edges, lighting, custom colors, in-cab controller placement, snow plow moldboards, and plow deflectors.  Make the Rockking Rock Plow your choice in rock plows!

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